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    ~ Chris Gibbs
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    ~ Tom Landolf

About Us

Jā-Set History

The company was founded by Paul Lucente in 1963 as California Contractors License Service (CCLS). Incorporated 01/03/67. CCLS was later merged with Jā-Set Insurance Agency, aka Contractors License Concepts. Jā-Set was incorporated 03/29/71. Insurance Dept. license numbers O496545 and OA11667. Jā-Set is approved with the United States government as a business consulting service state licensing, serial #76-625.871, Barbara A. Golding examining attorney. Registered with the Business Consumer Alliance. Paul Lucente’s contractor’s license # is 242038. The company is professionally staffed.

Phone consultation Monday-Thursday 9am to 4pm, Friday 9am to 1pm PST, (800)894-2999 or (949)770-4880.
Email us: info@clcb-licensesolutions.com

Services Performed

Consulting and interpreting the rules and regulations of the Contractor’s State License Board. The purpose is to assist contractors when qualifying for a state license as an individual or firm. The emphasis is on waiving the state examinations for qualified individuals who can meet the conditions of the Registrar of Contractors. Jā-Set is an active license and performance bond agent, publisher of the Contractors Journal and Contractor’s exam prep courses.

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