Adding Someone to a License

Which way to turn?

Contractors often ask if they can add someone to their license, usually a son, daughter or spouse… Not if the license is a sole ownership, or a partnership, but it can be accomplished with a corporation! However, there are other options. Check out the following:

Contractor Waiver Types


A contractor, the qualifying individual on a license in one or more classifications, may qualify other applicants (individuals or firms) for a license. The examination will be waived. Upon approval, the applicant will be issued an original (new) license number.

After five years, the applicant is eligible for a waiver of the examination; the qualifying individual may then disassociate.

Death or Retirement

In the event of a licensee’s death, absence or retirement, a sole ownership license number can be reassigned to an immediate member of the family. The examination may be waived when the applicant is actively engaged in the construction activities of the licensee in the same classifications being applied for.

Family Member Waiver

Personal to Corporate

sole ownership license number can be reassigned to a corporation when the licensee owns shares of more than 50 percent.

Corporate License