License consulting

Tackling the real tough Licensing Challenges


There may be times when you’ll need the help of someone who’s been through it all before. Someone who has the right contacts, who understands the language of the trade. Someone who can make it easier to qualify for your license.

Jā-Set has more than 50 years’ experience in working with prospective contractors just like you, working with the California Contractor’s State Licensing Board, working through just about every difficulty you can imagine.

This kind of experience means you’ll save time, and get the California license you need for that special project, as soon as possible.

We can also untangle problems created by messy business reorganizations, changes in license ownership, personal financial problems, buying or selling a contracting business, changing ownership, etc.

Application Processing

Our expertise saves you time and money

More than 35 percent of all contractor license applications are rejected or returned by the Board! Getting your license application approved can be the most troublesome part of becoming a contractor.

The application forms appear simple enough, but be careful! They are, in fact, full of hidden traps. If you are not following the “patterns” the CSLB has established over the years, your application will be returned or even denied. Just ask the applicants who had their plans for contracting derailed at the application phase.

If your application is returned or rejected, you will have to forfeit your application fee. Worse yet, your ability to engage in a contracting business will be delayed for months. And since the Contractor’s Board can take several months to review and approve (or deny) your application in the first place, adding months of waiting to the basic process may prove unacceptable.

Exam waivers start here. Call (800) 894-2999 for a briefing. Make your own informed decisions.