License and Bonding

When Will You Need a License Bond?

Bonds are required by the California Contractor’s State License Board for every original license. Here’s our quick reference guide to license bonds and when you will need them.

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Circumstances When the Bond is Required
New, Original License, Sole Owner, Partnership, Corporation License Bond is required with the approval of an original license (new number).
Responsible Managing Employee (RME) A license with an RME as the qualifier, or replacing the current qualifier with an RME. Individual bond (for the new or replacement RME) is required with the application.
Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) An RMO who owns less than 10% equity in the corporation Individual bond (for the new or replacement RMO when the RMO owns less than 10% equity in the corporation).
NOTE: A Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) of a corporation shall not be required to file or have on file a qualifying individual’s bond if he/she owns 10 percent or more of the voting stock of the corporation; however, the qualifying individual may not qualify any additional licensed entity unless an ownership is maintained of at least 20 percent for each license represented by the same qualifying individual.

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